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Movie: Woda Number 6 Review (Cast : Deepak Raj Giri and team)

Posted by Anup Baral May 16, 2016 :
Woda Number 6 revolves around the village of a Nuwakot and five friend’s story that gets connected with the Maoists revolution. Film starts on 2058 BS where five friends Netra Prasad, Daya, Magne Budo,Deep Kumar Sharma and Birkha Bahadur Pariyar are of different nature and their own background are tied on a common issue. Netra Prasad is a guy who is eager to get married but every girls rejects him due to his habit of questioning lots. Magne Budo is fond of playing cards and he is more with cards than his wife due to which his wife runs with another guy. Daya is a drunker as well as fond of playing cards. His wife is tensed due to his regular habit of drinking. Daya is planning to go to golf country.Birkha Bahadur Pariyar is from lower caste who is eager to pass SLC as he has failed for two times back to back.  

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 Deep Sharma has returned from city area and he has started teaching English to Kaji Sahab’s daughter Sushila. During the home tution, Deep and Sushila falls in love. Deep along with his father propose Kaji Sahab for getting married with Sushila but in return Kaji Sahab’s song ‘Sano Kaji’ beats them badly. In other side, Birkha joins Maoists due to some circumstances. Maoists kills Sano Kaji and the culprits for the murder of Sano Kaji becomes Deep, Magne Budo, Daya and Netra. These four becomes wanted for police. To save their life they run from the village and enters to the forest. They gets into the area of Maoists. In one side there is Maoists and in other hand there is police. What will these four guys do? How will they tackle with this situation? Watch the movie to find out in detail about the further story of the movie.

Woda Number 6 Movie Review:
Woda Number 6 ‘s story is written by Deepak Raj Giri which is an appreciable one. Movie will portray the real scenario of the village during the insurgency time and how police and Maoists’ action leads many youths to join Maoists unknowingly. And what will be the affect to the village and people has been presented very wisely. Such strong plot has been presented in an entertaining way which is an appreciable thing.

 We can find many characters in the movie and every characters has been written very finely so that it justifies the story fully. Dialogues of Deepak Raj Giri are funnier which will keep you laugh throughout the film.
At some place screenplay looses its pace at second half but that god to the dialogues and actors who will keep you holding till the climax. If the second half was written hardly than movie would have been a perfect but the dialogues saves the weak aspects of the film.

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