Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Woman Death At Om Hospital Due To Wrong Medicine Given By Doctor

Posted by Anup Baral July 28, 2016 :
Dr. Bhola Rijal’s hospital Om Hospital is into controversy and on news after a patient died due to use of wrong medicine that was prescribed by the doctor of the hospital. A woman named Sushma Adhikari who is 29 years old went to Om Hospital for CT Scan. Om Hospital’s doctor Amarnath Mahato prescribed one medicine to Sushma after which she became more ill. After some time of taking the medicine that was suggested by the doctor, Sushma Adhikari died. After that the family members of the Sushma came to Hospital and tried to do protest after which Om Hospital management got pressure. At the end, hospital management accepted their mistake and accepted that Sushma Adhikari died due to their mistake.

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