Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ball Boy runs onto field and into Portugal team photo

Posted by Anup Baral June 26, 2016 :
It seems like the Cristiano Ronaldo has a bit of a selfie problem. No, we're not talking about the numerous selfies Ronaldo takes and posts on Instagram with the caption "mood," we're talking about the selfies that his admirers keep sprinting onto the field to take with the Portuguese star. Wednesday, Portugal took to the field to pose for a customary team photo before their Euro semifinal match against Wales and were joined by an unofficial twelfth member of the squad, a tournament volunteer.

The volunteer not only got to take a selfie with his hero, but he also managed to make Ronaldo chuckle by photobombing the Portuguese team. Definitely a moment that that boy will remember for the rest of his life (just look at that leap!), and one that we'll forgot in about twenty minutes. Still worth it though. On a more serious note, the on-field security at the Euros really need o find a way to halt fans from gaining such easy access to Ronaldo

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