Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Four killed in Palpa landslide

Posted by Anup Baral July 26, 2016 :
Two bodies were found in Jhimruk dam at Ramdi on Tuesday, which locals are unable to take out due to the high water flow in the river. Similarly, the flood has also transported a body of a man who appears to be in his mid 40’s near an under construction building of Pyuthan Municipality in Bijubar, said police. Likewise, the flood in the Jhimruk has also transported a body of a girl appears to be of 12-year-old near Bagdula Bridge, added police. Jhimruk Hydropower Plant determined the water flow of the river as 955 cubic metre per second (cusec) on Tuesday morning. The flood in the river is the biggest until now, according to the elder folks.

Similarly, a house collapsed at Sapdanda-6 Pyuthan Municipality-13 while more than dozens of houses are at risk of collapse. SLikewise, 18 houses are at the risk of facing landslides in syaulibang-5 of Pyuthan district. Moreover, 30 other settlements of Chorlaune are at risk of landslides in Arkha VDC-6 in the district, said police. Meanwhile, the security personnel are working together with the locals to shift the settlements to the safety. Until now, 45 households have already been shifted to safer places while the households of Lok Bahadur Rana and Madan Adhikari of Udarpurkot-3 is being shifted, said police. The bridge that links Pyuthan with Arghakhanchi district is at the risk of collapse after the water flogged into the either ends of the bridge.

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