Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hot And Glamorous Actress Sushma Karki's Interview On Canada Nepal

Posted by Anup Baral July 21, 2016 :
Sushma Karki is hot and glamorous actress of Nepali film industry. In thisvideo you can see Actress Sushma Karki giving expression in Nepali song. This video has been shared by her hundreds of fans. This is not the first time Sushma Karki has posted such video and you can watch more of her acting skills in another video here. She also posted similar type of video about few months where she was acting on Hindi song. Sushma Karki is currently shooting for her upcoming movie Chalechha Batas Sustari. Sushma Karki is popular model and actress of Nepali film industry. She debuted her acting career from the movie Mero Euta Saathi Cha. It was also spread on medias that actress Sushma Karki wasn’t happy by her relationship with her ex, Niran Shrestha. She has admitted, Niran was too much possessive and wouldn’t let her be herself – the hot and sexy actress. That was the reason Sushma believed her affair ruined her career.

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