Friday, 22 July 2016

House disapproves budget bills, govt in minority

Posted by Anup Baral July 22, 2016 :

House Speaker Onsari Gharti today termed it as unfortunate for the country and people that the political parties were divided on formation of the new government rather than focusing on implementing the constitution. “The people want to see the parties united to implement the constitution, but they are divided over forming a government, it is not good that the parties who were united in establishing republican set up and making the new constitution are now divided,” she said. At an international seminar on vaccine organized by the Health Ministry, the House Speaker spoke of the division which emerged among the parties after registration of the no-confidence motion at the parliament and added it did not send a positive message. She also drew the attention of the government on procuring enough vaccines for the children in time and making Nepal fully vaccinated. Campaign for declaring country fully vaccinated On the occasion, Minister for Health, Ram Janam Chaudhary said the Ministry lending top priority to the vaccination programme and that it will increase the types of vaccines. The government is working on a campaign for administering enough necessary vaccines to the children and declaring Nepal fully vaccinated. President of the Women, Children, Senior Citizens and Social Welfare Committee under the Legislature-Parliament Ranju Kumari Jha said that in order to make vaccination programmes effective in the days to come, the Vaccination Act has been passed and that the process to create regulations for the Act has been in the final stage.

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