Sunday, 31 July 2016

Inter-caste marriage : Ajit Mijar's death suicide or murder ?

Posted by Anup Baral July 31, 2016 :
A fact-finding team of the Dalit Civil Society has concluded that Ajit Mijar, found dead at Kumpur – 3 in Dhading District, did not die as a result of suicide. His was, rather, a staged murder. They have made this declaration in a report, based on the facts and findings collected during their three-day visit to Kavrepalanchowk and Dhading districts.

Ajit was murdered due to his inter-caste marriage, and the aspect of untouchability and caste-based discrimination related to it. Certain facts have been monitored and confirmed in this fact-finding mission. The Report states that though it has been announced as a suicide, when his body was found, his legs touched the floor. Furthermore, the rope that was used was that of a tent, and fragile, and the rope was not found tied to his neck very tight. Also, the place where his body was found is very close to, and visible from, a police station that has 24 hours’ duty. The police, additionally, have not disclosed who was on duty that day. This screams murder.

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