Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Paras Shah Busy On Religious Works These Days - Latest Updates On Paras Shah

Posted by Anup Baral July 20, 2016 :
Kannika Chaiyasarn is ex girl friend of ex- prince Paras Shah. Parash Shah was in relation with Kannika when he was in Thailand. When Paras Shah was staying at Thailand, he used to stay with Kannika on living together and they were in relationship. After certain time, both had broke up after which Kannika time and again comes with controversial Facebook status which drags Paras Shah into news. All these incidents done by Kannika drives attention of Nepali towards Paras Shah but her behavior clarify clearly that Kannika's statements are not genuine as well as Paras Shah has never spoke about Kannika in media. But there arises few questions on the mind of Nepali that was Paras guilty and has done anything wrong with Kannika? Or Kannika is trying to bring Paras's image down for her benefits? What is the reason Kannika time and again comes with such post for Paras Shah? Watch this exclusive video report about the relationship of Kannika and Paras Shah right here:

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