Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Prime Story: Dr Kc's Hunger Strike

Posted by Anup Baral July 19, 2016 :

Dr. Govind KC is on hunger strike for the last 9 days seeking reforms in medical sector.Prof.Dr.Govinda KC who is on a fast until death against all the odds. He wants a clean medical system in the country be it medical colleges,hospitals or treatment. The Association of Private Medical and Dental Colleges of Nepal had taken the lead to protest the move of the veteran orthopaedic surgeon, who is on his eighth fast-unto-death, stating that he was promoting emigration of Nepali medical students to foreign countries. Arguing that the Dr KC’s demands have changed from what he had argued for earlier, the doctors, professors, college operators, guardians, students and social workers had taken out the rally against, according to the Association.

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