Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Talk with Chitra Bahadur KC

Posted by Anup Baral July 27, 2016 :

Chitra Bahadur K.C. is a Nepalese politician and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Poverty Alleviation Of Nepal. He is the chairman of the Rashtriya Jana Morcha and the general secretary of the All Nepal Peasants Association linked to RJM Chitra Bahadur K.C. belonged to the Communist Party of Nepal (Fourth Convention). In the 1983 he sided with Mohan Bikram Singh, and joined the Communist Party of Nepal (Masal). Chitra Bahadur K.C. contested the Baglung-2 constituency in the 1994 election. He finished second, with 15089 votes. He was elected to the Pratinidhi Sabha in the 1999 election, as a candidate of Rashtriya Jana Morcha (the electoral front of the Communist Party of Nepal (Masal) (2006)) in the constituency of Baglung-2 with 24124 votes.

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