Sunday, 17 July 2016

Woman gets completely run over by SUV on zebra crossing in Taiwan

Posted by Anup Baral July 16, 2016 :
TAIPEI — Stunning taxi dashcam footage has captured the moment a woman was brutally mowed down as she crossed a street in Taiwan yesterday. The video picks up the action as the taxi approaches a four-way intersection in Taipei’s Neihu district. The pedestrian lights are green, so in theory that means turning vehicles should give way to pedestrians on the zebra crossing. But this is Taiwan, where it’s the law of the jungle on the roads, might is right, and only the strongest survive. By the time the poor lady crossing the road looks to her right, it’s too late. She disregarded the golden rule of boxing and crossing the street in Taipei: Protect yourself at all times.

That’s not to say it was her fault, of course. Guess there’s not much you can do when an SUV driver puts her foot down going into a turn. By some miracle, the 28-year-old woman, surnamed Wu, survived, Apple Daily reported. She was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries, including damage to her pelvis. There’s no word yet on what action police will take against the driver of the SUV. Well, at least she didn’t hit and run. Be careful out there folks!.

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