Sunday, 7 August 2016

Christians accused of converting people to Christianity in Dhangadi

Posted by Anup Baral August 07, 2016 :

“Christianity is increasing rapidly. Doing outreaches is easier than before,” said Nepalese Pastor Sanjay Tripathi. “We are seeing souls getting saved. Living for Christ too. Majority of people have heard the Good News of Christ. God is moving for our nation.”Tripathi said the greatest barriers until now have not been presented by the authorities, who voted against declaring Nepal a “Hindu nation,” despite protests by radical Hindus. He said the main barriers have been in the family. “They don’t accept me. Nor my old friends.”Still, international observers have voiced concern that the Nepalese government flouted international treaties to guarantee freedom of religion for all its citizens.Christian Solidarity Worldwide has criticized the ban on evangelism. “The freedom to choose and change one’s faith is a fundamental right which must be upheld as an essential part of any constitution which adheres to international human rights principles,”.

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