Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Doramba massacre

Posted by Anup Baral August 16, 2016 :

Doramba had presented a real opportunity to bring the RNA back under civilian control, and the role of its international supporters was key. It was, and is, on them that the army depends on to successfully pursue the counter-insurgency war. One year later, the legacy of Doramba is glaring: Nepal tops the world in the number of 'disappeared', the 'widespread impunity' cited in the Amnesty 2002 report continues unabated, and Nepal's judiciary lies in helpless disarray its independence and authority undermined by the power of the army. There is an immediate protection crisis in Nepal which needs to be addressed. The government's recently-announced National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP) backed by UNDP needs careful scrutiny. The official UNDP description of NHRAP says it 'outlines a detailed plan of actions to be carried out in the next five years or so to improve the overall human rights situation in the country'. Yet, as William O'Neill, the independent human rights lawyer brought in to review the NHRAP made clear in his internal report now in the public domain, the NHRAP 'as currently conceived, is the wrong strategy at the wrong time for Nepal's human rights crisis. The focus for the UN should be on protection and enhancing government and Maoist accountability for human rights violations, not on the long-term, more development oriented approach to human rights that is embodied in the NHRAP'.

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