Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Dowry-related abuse rises in Nepal

Posted by Anup Baral August 9th, 2016 :
In the current time, Nepali society is facing ma ny problems like Women Ri ghts’ Violation, Child Rights Violation, poverty, unemployment, crime, drug peddling, impunity, etc. Among these problems, Violence against Women in the form of domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, trafficking is on rising trend. One sort of dome stic violence faced by the women of Nepal and which is deep rooted in our country is the probl em of dowry system. The dowry system is one of the examples of ill- treatment practice to women in our society and has become a culture.

Dowry is the money, goods or estate that bride brings to groom home in her marriage. It was designed to provide newlyweds security and basi c needs but its meaning has changed, Dowry is now can be defined as forced financial and mate rial arrangement to be given by the parents of the bride to the parents of the gr oom as an essential c ondition of the marriage. It is one of the social evil but still practiced in our society as a culture.

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