Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Famous for Khukuri "Bhojpure Khukuri"

Posted by Anup Baral August 10th, 2016 :
This style of khukuri comes from Bhojpure in Eastern Nepal. The town of Bhojpure is one of the major manufacturing areas for khukuris. Here are three good examples. This term "Bhojpuri" is almost a catchall phrase like sirupate/sirupati for a long, slender knife. The most obvious characteristic is the deep belly and forward sweep of the blade. These blades are quite well made and and top example is a Nepali military issue from the late 1800s. The other military piece on the bottom is from the 20's.
This Bhojpure kukri is 66 years old, made by a blacksmith in Bhojpure village in eastern Nepal. The owner of this kukri, a wood cutter used it to chop woods to smaller pieces after finishing with his axe.

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