Thursday, 25 August 2016

Gaura festival celebration

Posted by Anup Baral August 25, 2016 :
Gaura is the festival which falls in month of Bhadra, according to Nepali calender (August/September). Especially Most of the middle- west and far west parts of Nepal celebrate this festival. It starts from the day of Krishna Janmastami (birth of Lord Krishna), and lasts for three days observing by worshiping Shiva and Parvati along with Ganesh.

The deuda dance is major part of this festival in which participants hold hands and form a circle as they stepped to traditional music. Apart from the many ceremonies that happen during this festival, it is the occasion for married women to put on the sacred thread. The deuda dance is a major part of the festivities in which participants hold hands and form a circle as they step to traditional music.Gaura festival normally falls in month of Bhadra (August/September), according to Lunar Calendar. During the festival, women observe fast and worship goddess Gauri, the wife of Lord Shiva for their husband’s good health and long life. The first day began with the women soaking five kinds of cereals in one copper utensil. The mixture of the five seeds of wheat, pea, mass dal, gahat and guraus is locally known as Biruda, which is one of the delicacies of the festival.

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