Thursday, 25 August 2016

Gorkha Community Filed a case againsed Racist and stereotype Flipkart Ads

Posted by Anup Baral August 26th, 2016 :
Bollywood and Indian TV have been stereotyping Nepalese/Gorkhali people as watchmen since forever and the latest offender to join the list is the so called India’s largest e-commerce portal, Flipkart. The latest ad titled ‘Flipkart Assured – Kids Are Back – Sahebji’s Jogging Shoes’ has three kids – a sahebji and two watchmen, one of whom is seen wearing the traditional Bhadgauley Topi and hence, portrayed as a Nepali/Gorkha.

Forget about offending Nepali people who do have access to all the Indian TV channels; the company have offended their fellow citizens as well. The people from the ad agency who created this commercial must have slept during the Geography classes and that’s why they have no idea that there are around 20 million Indian Gorkhas who are engaged in various professions and are living respectful lives in the country where they are still treated as outsiders by such arrogant and unprofessional people.

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