Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hunter draws criticism for killing bear with spear

Posted by Anup Baral | August 16,2016 :
A video posted to YouTube showing a hunter killing a bear with a spear is drawing sharp criticism from animal rights groups. Josh Bowmar Hunter who killed bear with 7ft spear pictured out with his wife as he says he EATS his prey Calling the video 'unacceptable,' province promises new legislation to ban spear hunting The Alberta government has condemned a controversial hunting practice after a U.S. hunter posted a YouTube video that shows him killing a bear using a spear. The video, posted in June, shows Josh Bowmar, a personal trainer and former competitive javelin thrower, hitting the bear with the hand-thrown spear. It's believed the video was shot in May northeast of Edmonton.

"The type of archaic hunting seen in the recently posted video … is unacceptable," Alberta's Ministry of Environment and Parks said in a written statement. "We will introduce a ban on spear hunting this fall." The department has also directed fish and wildlife officers to investigate to see if charges are warranted under existing laws. "We've got at least one hunter that has come up here and wanted to hunt by use of a spear, so now it means we're going to have to address it by way of policy," said Wayne Lowry, president of the Alberta Fish and Game Association, a conservation group that consults with government on its regulations.He said the 2016 regulations that came into force in July should prevent spear hunting by applying strict definitions as to what constitutes a weapon. But he admitted the lack of a specific ban could make the regulation a grey area. At the time the video was recorded, there was no law in place preventing spear hunting.

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