Thursday, 11 August 2016

Husband of Late Samira Siwakoti committed suicide

Posted by Anup Baral August 11th, 2016 :
A Nepali man, residing in America from the past 10 years has committed suicide. Apparently Nawaraj Siwakoti was suffering from depression after his wife Samira was murdered a year ago. Samira Siwakoti was gunned down inside the store she co-owned with her husband Nabaraj Siwakoti on June 10.

 The killer had walked in nonchalantly, took out a gun and shot her ‘point blank’ in the face. By the time police arrived shortly after, she was already dead. Last year’s cold-blooded murder of a mother and store clerk in The Colony shook the community. jurors are deciding the fate of the suspect. Deon Kingston was 19 at the time of the killing.

He’s now 20 and on trial for the brutal robbery and shooting death of Samira Siwakoti. Prosecutors Kingston shot her even after she complied with all his demands. Their two daughters now will be raised by Bishnu Siwakoti, Nawaraj’s brother.

Jurors watched surveillance video of the robbery on June 10, 2015, including a view of the suspect running away from the store. Prosecutors brought in a retired FBI special agent who works at will on high-profile cases. He testified about being able to greatly enhance the surveillance video that captured the murder.

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