Saturday, 6 August 2016

Jyoti Magar Leaked Video with Nepali Actors and Singers In Malaysia 2016 | Getting Drunk Wild

Posted by Anup Baral August 6th, 2016 :
This is the leaked video of Jyoti Magar and other Nepali singers and actors in malaysia getting drunk and having fun. Please subscribe for more videos.
Jyoti Magar is one of the top highlight of year 2072. Her songs and music videos with glamorous avatar has won the heart of audience and grabbed the attention of audience. Many online portals have also noted that Jyoti Magar got clicked this year due to her hot and glamorous avatar and they also categorized her with Archana Paneru. Jyoti shares that she didn’t liked that way media categorized herself because she has been a singer and performer and her glamorous avatar has not been key role as she is a good singer and she is a performer. Jyoti Magar also shared about her this year’s achievement.

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