Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Posted by Anup Baral August 23rd, 2016 :
Yogurt has deep connection to Nepalese People. For example, yogurt is eaten to purify oneself during religious fasting days. It is also consumed while departing from home which is considered to bring good luck. King of Yogurt (JUJU DHAU) is a special yogurt prepared especially in Bhaktapur. Meaning of ‘'JUJU'' is KING and the meaning of DHAU is Yogurt. It is really delicious. We nepalese usually give it a go every time we visit to Bhaktapur. Foreigners also consider it to be the best Yogurt. It is also considered to be better than Greek Yogurt, which is usually considered the best yogurt. So Lets prepare this magical King of Yogurt at our own home. I wish you all Happy Cooking :-)

Ingredients to make JUJU DHAU / KING OF YOGURT:

2 liter Buffalo’s milk | You can also use cow’s milk
1/3 tsb cardamom powder / sukmel ko dhulo
2 tsb normal yogurt
75 gram sugar

Hope you liked this How to make JUJU DHAU (KING OF YOGURT) video recipe. | How to make yogurt video recipe for you all. :-)

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