Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Nepali Worker in Saudi

Posted by Anup Baral August 23, 2016 :

Nepalis in Saudi Arabia are immigrants from Nepal to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, mostly migrant workers and expatriates.According to the Nepali embassy in Riyadh, around 3,000 deaths have been reported there since 2000. During the period, 484,701 Nepalis migrated to Saudi Arabia to work. Food habits and hot climate are responsible for loss of Nepali lives in Saudi Arabia, Nepali ambassador in Riyadh Udaya Raj Pandey told The Himalayan Times. Lack of job and cultural orientation is also a factor, he added. According to Pandey, though liquor is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, excessive consumption of alcohol is a major cause of death among Nepalis, who buy liquor in the black market. He said he had been there for eight months and every month 20 to 30 Nepalis die due to excessive drinking. Many of them consume alcohol to tackle work weariness, drink before they go to bed and die in their sleep. Other causes are workplace and road accidents.

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