Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Power News: Market monitoring accelerates

Posted by Anup Baral August 31, 2016 : The market monitoring team from the Department of Supply Management and Consumer Protection — the only authorised market monitoring body of the government — today monitored shops selling daily essentials and initiated action against those not abiding by the prevailing laws. Pharmaceutical stores, meat houses, grocery shops and gas dealers were monitored today. The DoSMCP, under the Ministry of Supply (MoS), has regularised its market monitoring from August 15. The market monitoring team seized and destroyed date-expired products, products without labels and goods that were not properly stored, according to a statement issued by MoS today. The monitoring team destroyed 83 kg meat from Ma Bhagawati Store in Nayabazar as the meat house was found to be selling non-hygienic meat to the consumers. The monitoring team also seized 13 pads of fake bills from Chicken Hut Meat Shop of Nayabazar. The firm was using plain bills without Permanent Account Number (PAN). It is mandatory for businesses to issue PAN or Value Added Tax (VAT) bills as per the size of their annual transactions. Firms, which have annual transaction of over Rs five million in goods and Rs two million in service, must be registered under VAT as per tax laws. Similarly, New Gorkhali Fresh House of Nayabazar was also found to be selling non-hygienic meat and the monitoring team disposed 19 kg frozen meat from there.
The team also inspected pharmaceutical stores in Koteshwor and Gwarko area. The monitoring team seized narcotics from Jimas Pharmacy of Koteshwor. Sale of narcotics is banned in the country. The monitoring team also inspected Bir Pharmacy located at B and B Hospital in Gwarko. The pharmacy was found to be not complying with the government rules set for pharmacies. As per the rules, pharmacies must display the price of 96 types of drugs listed by the government, as per the statement.

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