Thursday, 18 August 2016

Shailendra Shimkhada's Gaijtra Special Satirical Comedy

Posted by Anup Baral August 18, 2016 :
From today Gaijtra festival is started in Kathmandu. Watch a short comedy Gaijatra special satirical performance by popular comedian Shailendra Shimkhada.

Shailendra Simkhada is Nepal’s top standby comedian who satires on politician, social issue of Nepal, society, actress and models of Nepal. Shailendra Shimkhada is government officer at Pragya Pratisthan. He has done little comedy satire on top lever actress and even on Archana Paneru. Is Archana Paneru is good for Nepali film industry or not? Shailendra Shimkhada gives a satire answer on this. He keeps ondoing satire on politicians and social issues of Nepal. He is one of the most preferred comedians of Nepal. Watch an exclusive comedy presentation of Shailendra Shimkhada right here on Canada Nepal:

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