Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Nepal-India Relationship and border issues

Posted by Anup Baral August 6th, 2016 :

The two countries are revisiting the issue after seven years. The previous mandate, which was in effect from 1981 to 2007, saw the countries settle 97 percent of border discrepancies using modern technology. The topic of the border with India is a hot-button issue in Nepal; many feel that the current border does not protect Nepali sovereignty. There are a couple swathes of land that both countries claim.On the heels of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reinvigorated regional diplomacy, representatives from the Indian and Nepali survey offices sat down this week in Kathmandu, Nepal to work out border disputes that have risen as the frontiers between the two countries become increasingly blurry. India’s commitment to keep an open and accurate border is another indicator of Modi’s interest in regional security. Modi’s attaché arranged the talks when they visited Kathmandu in August.

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