Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Two deputy prime ministers as special envoys to China and India were fruitful

Posted by Anup Baral August 24, 2016 :
he government has claimed that recent visits by two deputy prime ministers to India and China were fruitful and highly successful. A Cabinet meeting on Tuesday concluded that relations with the two neighbours have reached a new height after the visits of two DPMs, Bimalendra Nidhi and Krishna Bahadur Mahara to India and China respectively. Both Nidhi and Mahara briefed the Cabinet about their discussions with senior officials in New Delhi and Beijing and their response towards Nepal’s willingness to strengthening the bilateral ties. Mahara returned home from China on Sunday and Nidhi returned from Delhi on Tuesday. The DPMs told the meeting that both the neighbours appreciated the political process carried out by the new government in Nepal and were positive towards resuming high-level visits.

Briefing reporters about the DPMs’ India and China trips, Minister for Information and Communications Ram Karki said: “Both the neighbours have expressed positive response to the priorities of new government and civil society, political leaders. They also hold positive perspective on Nepal’s transitional process.” In my meeting with the senior Chinese leadership, Karki quoted Mahara as saying in the meeting, “I found that Chinese president was so eager to visit Nepal and we have agreed that Foreign Ministries of two sides will do necessary homework to fix the date and agendas.” Similarly, Nidhi told the Cabinet meeting that “India is all set to host our President and PM”, adding that he also conveyed that Nepal’s readiness to welcome the Indian president and PM.

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