Thursday, 22 September 2016

Airplane pilot almost loses his head

Posted by Anup Baral September 22, 2016 :
Amazing near miss pilot preparing for take off when another plane crashes into him and nearly cuts his head off.Pilot struggled to take off , but other racers were unaware of that. It was in the air racing championship of the United States Hot Stuff plane, Thom Richard, stood on the rink-off. Despite the staff have been warned and have suspended the race, not all pilots received information and one of the planes crashed into Richard. Fortunately, neither pilot was injured. In a Facebook post, Thom said all he could do was ‘wait and hope’ that the last plane would miss him, but it crashes into the stationary aircraft. The wing takes out the raised canopy and injures his hand. He tries to cradle his head as his hands shake in fear. He said: ‘…it impacted my right hand holding up the canopy, at well over sixty miles an hour.

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