Thursday, 15 September 2016

Apple production in Jumla

Posted by Anup Baral | September 16, 2016 :
"An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but also is one of the key fruits with the potential to generate income and employment in the mountainous and poor districts of Western Nepal."

Apple farmer Shanti Shahi is busy harvesting the fruits on her farm in Chandannath village. Production may have dropped sharply this year, but Shahi is not much worried about that. “We are getting a good farm gate price this year, and it has compensated for any drop in output,” she said. The farm gate price of apple has been fixed at Rs60 per kg for this season, double last year’s Rs30 per kg. However, the market price was Rs50 per kg last year. Like Shahi, all the farmers in Jumla are busy picking the organic apples. The harvest season begins in late August and lasts till mid-October. The District Agriculture Office said that apple production in Jumla dropped sharply by 25 percent to 3,000 tonnes this year due to a long drought last winter. However, farmers are being compensated by good market prices.

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