Saturday, 3 September 2016

Badsala Report By Ganesh Khania

Posted by Anup Baral September 3rd, 2016 :
A government team including Supply Minister Ganeshman Pun has visited slaughterhouses in Kathmandu. It has found rotten, foul-smelling and lice-infested meat in Bodhmill Meat Shop in Satungal. Supply Management and Consumer Welfare Protection Department Section Officer Lalbahadur Budhathoki said that the slaughterhouse did not even comply with minimum standards. “The monitoring team found the abattoir in a horrible condition with bones randomly thrown around and substandard meat being sold,” Budhathoki told Lokaantar. The monitoring team, however, did not seal the slaughterhouse. Sealing the abattoir would make the stink reach high heaven as rotten meat was kept in large number, Budhathoki explained. He said that slaughterhouse operators were directed to remove rotten meat within three hours, clean the abattoir and inform the authorities about it. The monitoring team is visiting slaughterhouses in Teku, Budhathoki informed.

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