Monday, 19 September 2016

Bank of the Kankai River

Posted by Anup Baral September 19, 2016 : Reporter: Ganesh Man Mukhiya Video Courtesy: Kantipur Television.The Kankai River is a trans-boundary river flowing through Nepal and India. It is a tributary of the Mahananda River.
Kankai river is one of the famous river in Nepal as a religious secret river and due to its other advantage. The Kankai originates in the Mahabharat Range of Mechi zone in Nepal and flowing through nearly central part of Ilam and Jhapa district. Kankai bridge is longest bridge of Nepal constructed in Mahendra highway that add surunga and satasidham village in Jhapa district. The Kankai river is flowing with very clean and cold water excluding rainy season. So that people want to bath here. The water of Kankai river is used for irrigation and hydro electricity power. Kankai area has not more pollution problem, but flow of the rainy season cutting valuable field in both edge every year.

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