Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Chhulthim Gurung Announced Her First Produced Film Diarry - Video Coverage

Posted by Anup Baral Sep 6, 2016 :
Chhulthim Gurung has debut as an actress from the film November Rain where she was featured with Aryan Sigdel. After getting noticed from the film, she announced that she won’t do any movies after this. But after two years, she has announced a new film which will be produced by her which will also feature Rekha Thapa as lead actress. According to Chhulthim, Rekha Thapa will be portraying the negative characters’s role in the film which will be for the first time in her career. Chhulthim shares some of the interesting stuffs behind the film making and how she came into the decision of making a movie by her own money.

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