Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Complaints against the proposed ambassador to India, Deep Kumar Upadhyay

Posted by Anup Baral September 21, 2016 : sAt least three complaints have been lodged at the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee (PHSC) against proposed ambassador to India, Deep Kumar Upadhyay. All of them were submitted through emails by anonymous complainants. Leela Mani Paudyal, proposed ambassador to China, received just a complaint against him. It is also not actually a complaint, as the person has just sought his property details.
The House panel opened the complaint box amid a meeting today. Earlier, on September 7, the PHSC had called for complaints— if there is any— against the nominees picked for key diplomatic positions. Complaints against Upadhyay have asked him why he received an award from the Indian government when he was Nepal’s envoy to India earlier and why he refrained from making a public statement against India’s ‘blockade’. In another complaint, his eligibility to become an envoy has been questioned as he is a veteran leader of the Nepali Congress party.thehimalayantimes

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