Friday, 2 September 2016

Few Medical stores shut down in Dhading

Posted by Anup Baral September 3rd, 2016 : Three medical stores operating with fake registration were shut down in Lamjung district on Wednesday. An inspection team led by Chief District Officer Mohan Bahadur GC shut down Nanu Medical, Thapa Medical Hall and Khudi Medical Hall. The inspection team found that the medical shops were registered with names other than their operators. Among them, Khudi Medical Hall was shut down by a separate inspection team led by Assistant CDO Tirtha Bahadur Adhikari a month ago.
Meanwhile, the inspection team also monitored shops around Khudi Bazaar and found that cold stores were selling goods without manufactured dates clearly mentioned and tobacco products without pictorial cautions in the packets. Some of the shops were also found to be lacking proper price lists.

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