Tuesday, 6 September 2016

G20 Hangzhou summit 2016

Posted by Anup Baral September 6th, 2016 : President Michel Temer has left China and is on his way to Brazil, where he is expected to arrive Tuesday (Sep. 6) at 2 pm (Brasilia time). On his last day in Hangzhou, where he participated in a G20 Summit meeting, the president met with the heads of state from Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. Demonstrations in Brazil In his visit to China, Temer also expressed his view about the protests that have been staged in Brazil against his government. He mentioned the demonstrations from July 2013, criticized by the previous administration. "A democratic demonstration is one thing-and it's most crucial. In June 2013, several members of the government then criticized that movement. I said, 'No, we shouldn't show criticism," and noted they were Brazilians taking the streets calling for efficiency in public services," Temer said, pointing out that the movement "went downhill" because of the act of vandals.
"This is what brought the movement to a halt-precisely because the Brazilian people do not take easily to depredation. Nor is depredation permitted under the law. Freedom of expression and demonstrations of a doctrinal, political or ideological nature is acceptable. Depredation, however, is an offense," Temer stated. The president had already made remarks about the protests that had been staged ever since Rousseff was impeached, describing them as "minor" and "vandalizing," and adding they were nothing but "petty movements."

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