Sunday, 18 September 2016

Hakka Hakki, 18 September 2016, Full Episode 60

Posted by Anup Baral September 18th, 2016 :

This is a comedy program named "Hakka Hakki". This show is written and directed by famous comedian Daman Rupakathi. Daman Dupakheti have done many comedy show in the past. Comedy program Jhai Kuti jhai was one of the popular show of Daman Dupakheti . This program "Hakka Hakki" is broadcasted in NTV every saturday at 8:30 PM. The main objective of program is to bring change in the society. It is focused in health, education and other more sectors. This program is trying to show how can we change our society. It is focused on how to build the community based on their behavior and respect for each other and Change the attitude, (not leaving our values) and violent behavior we adapted in the political system. Also,Solutions for social problems by examining the root causes of the problem and understanding well and practising democracy, freedom of speech and mutual respect in all fields.

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