Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hot And Glamorous Actress Surbina Karki Interview On Canada Nepal

Posted by Anup Baral Sep 21, 2016 :
Hot and glamorous actress Surbina Karki attracted the eyes of everyone in NFDC Award with her glamorous dress in which she looked a hot bomb. Surbina Karki who came into limelight with her film Lukamari is busy on study. She is planning to start new film after Dashain. Surbina is one of the most preferred models for music videos also. Surbina has been featured in two movies earlier but she got into eyes of audience from the film Lukamari. Her performance in the song of Lukamari was appreciated hugely. Surbina Karki shares that she loves wearing glamorous dress even when her family don’t want because she feels comfortable and she believes that after being celebrity, she have to wear according to the time and trend. Watch an exclusive video interview with hot and glamorous actress Surbina Karki right here on Canada Nepal:

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