Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Increasing Network of the 'medical mafia'

Posted by Anup Baral September 13, 2016 :
All is not well with the country's medical education. The appointment of deans in the TU Institute of Medicine and granting of affiliation to new medical colleges are often dragged into controversy. Had there not been Dr. Govind KC at the Institute of Medicine, the people would not have known how messy medical education in the country was and how rampant corruption is in the sector. Dr. KC has been conducting a solo fight against the anomalies prevalent in the medical education sector, and he has chosen the peaceful hunger strike to correct the wrong decisions of the authorities designated to manage medical education. However, the authorities continue to breach their promise to reform the sector by introducing proper policies and laws, and not granting affiliation to new medical colleges. Dr. KC, who has staged three hunger strikes - the latest being in January this year, had recently threatened to stage another strike after the Education Ministry granted affiliation to two new medical colleges, breaching the agreements reached between him and the government. Indeed, the core issue on which Dr. KC had gone on a hunger strike thrice in as many years was that the affiliations were granted to medical colleges with the involvement of the “medical mafia”. When his health condition deteriorated badly, the government had met his demand in January, but in just 11 months after the signing of the agreement, it was breached for no apparent reason, compelling him to announce another hunger strike. However, this time Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has interfered before it was too late and prevented Dr. KC from going on a protest. The prime minister directed Education Minister Chitra Lekha Yadav to cancel the affiliation of Birat Medical College and Devdaha Medical College. Kathmandu University had granted affiliation to these two colleges six months ago with the consent of the education minister. Earlier, there were news reports that Minister Yadav had allowed KU to grant affiliation to these colleges despite the prime minister's instruction not to do so.

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