Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Ma Haraye - Deepak Gurung Featuring Suraj Singh Thakuri And Mariska Pokharel

Posted by Anup Baral Sep 7, 2016 :
New debut singer Deepak Gurung has released his first music video of the song titled as Ma Haraye. Song is a melodious number which is written and composed by Kamal Khatri. Shailendra M Pradhan has arranged the song. Music video of the song features hot Mariska Pokharel and Suraj Singh Thakuri as lead model. Music video is directed and edited by Jeevan Thapa from the production house Multi Mate. Dhiran Jung Shah has shot the music video. Jeevan Thapa has portrayed the song’s feelings in a beautiful way which expresses the feelings of the song. Watch the music video of Deepak Gurung right here on Canada Nepal:

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