Friday, 2 September 2016

Mahottari district shuts down liquor shops with 500 meter India Nepal border

Posted by Anup Baral September 2nd, 2016 : After the Indian state government in Bihar imposed a ban on production, sale and use of alcohol in the state, the alcoholics in search for an ‘alcohol haven’ apparently thronged neighbouring villages and towns of Tarai of Nepal. Local pubs of neighbouring districts including Rautahat have got themselves busy from dawn to dusk serving the guests from the other part of the border. Dozens of new pubs have been established in the neighbouring areas taking advantage of the situation. For example, Mahadevpati in Rautahat did not have any alcohol shop till a week ago; but now it boasts as many as seven.
What more, some Indian traders have invested in such shops. They have also increased the price. The state government led by Janata Dal United leader Nitish Kumar in Bihar had imposed the ban to come into effect from April 1. The leader had expressed a commitment to ban alcohol in the state while he contested the election last year. Meanwhile, people have expressed concerns over negligence to the issue by governments of both nations.

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