Monday, 19 September 2016

Nepal aushadhi limited to resume

Posted by Anup Baral September 20, 2016 :

1. Nepal Aushadhi Limited (NAL) has received a fund from The Government of Nepal (GoN)  for the renovation of its factory as  per WHO - GMP Guidelines and intends to apply part of the fund to cover eligible payments under the  Contract . Bidding is open  to  all  eligible  Nepalese  Bidders  and  foreign  Bidders  who  choose  to  participate  as  a  partner  of  Joint  Venture  (JV)  leaded/headed by Nepali Bidders.

2. NAL invites  sealed  bid  from  eligible  bidders  for  the  renovation  &  maintenance  of  existing building as  per  WHO - GMP  Guidelines.  Renovation  works  primarily  consist  of  supplying,  installation  &  testing  equipm ents,  commissioning  of  HVAC  (heating,  ventilation  and  air  conditioning)  and  electrical,  civil  and  modular  unit  works  with  clean  room  concept  as  per  WHO - GMP guidelines.  Total estimated amount  excluding VAT is NRs. 3,49,30,506.55 ( Three Crore Forty Nine Lak hs Thirty  Thousand Five Hundred Six Rupees And Fifty - Five Paisa Only)

3. Eligible bidder on the submission of written application along with the copy of company/ firm registration certificate, compl ete  set  of  Bidding  documents  can  be  purchased  upon  payment  of a  non - refundable  fee  of  NRs.  3, 000/ - (Three  thousand Rupees)  from the office of NAL.

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