Monday, 19 September 2016

Nepal's 1st Constitution Day Celebration

Posted by Anup Baral September 20, 2016 : Nepal celebrates is first constitution day at tudhikhel.One year has passed since the promulgation of the constitution of a Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The country marks the first anniversary of the constitution's promulgation through the Constituent Assembly today, meeting people's aspirations for long. The government is marking this special day as a national festival by organizing various programs including a special one at the Nepal Army pavilion today. The President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Speaker, deputy prime ministers, minister, government high-ranking officials, chiefs of the diplomatic mission here, business community, civil society representatives and media persons have been invited to attend the special function.
The government has formed a special committee under the chair of the Prime Minister to celebrate the Day and announced a public holiday on this occasion. The existing Nepal's constitution, the seventh in the documented version, is the first constitution drafted by the people's representatives. Nepal switched to a federal democratic system from a unitary system with the promulgation of the existing constitution. Republic, federalism, secularism, proportional inclusion and social justice remain as its salient features. The first amendment to this historic constitution had already been carried out to address the voices of indigenous nationalities and the Madhesi community. RSS

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