Friday, 9 September 2016

Remembering B.P Koirala

Posted by Anup Baral September 09, 2016 :
First people elected Prime Minister of Nepal BP Koirala is being remembered today for his contribution in Nepal's democratic history and also in the field of Nepali literature as today happens to be 33rd death anniversary of late Koirala. BP Koirala was born in 1971 Bhadra 24th and he died in 2039, Shravan 6th due to cancer. Various programs are organized in the country as well as outside to remember his contributions. He led armed revolution in 2007 for the abolishment of Rana regime and to establish democratic rule in the country. He became the first people elected Prime Minister of Nepal in 2015. He remained in jail for many years after King Mahendra imposed Panchyati system of governance. He stood firm in his ideology, principle, belief and democratic norms and values. He not only contributed and stood out in political field but he made immense contributions towards the field of literature too. Atma Katha, Jail journal, Doshi Chasma, Yahudi ra Hitler, Sumnima, Modi Aain, Swet Bhairabi, Narendra dai, and teen ghumti are some of BP's great literary works.

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