Monday, 12 September 2016

SSP Sarbendra Khanal Interview On Bekti Ra Bisesh - Video Interview

Posted by Anup Baral Sep 13, 2016 :
SSP Sarbendra Khanal is hot cake in media and among Nepali due to his encounter to end the violence in Kathmandu by finishing Don of Nepal. He has also attempt various challenging task to make Kathmandu peace and maintain harmony. Sarbendra Khanal was present in an event held in Kathmandu about corruption where he shared his views regarding corruption and its state in Nepal and how it is affecting various section of Nepal. He shared that every people and youths should be alert to eliminate corruption and must help each other to fight against it. Not only he can fight against corruption if youths and people won’t support him and go hand on hand. He encouraged youths to not face corruption at his work rather help him to fight against it and make Nepal free from corruption. Watch an exclusive video coverage of the event where SSP Sarbendra Khanal shares his views regarding corruption in Nepal :

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