Wednesday, 14 September 2016

World’s strongest cyclone batters Taiwan en route to China

Posted by Anup Baral | September 15, 2016 :
Super Typhoon Meranti flying debris takes out scooter rider 'World's strongest storm' of 2016, Typhoon Meranti hits Taiwan Meranti: Strongest super typhoon of the year barrels toward China, Taiwan Super Typhoon Meranti, Earth's most violent storm since Haiyan, takes aim at Taiwan and China

Super typhoon Meranti slams southern Taiwan More than 40,000 households are cut off from electricity in Taiwan as tropical cyclone Meranti brings heavy rainfall and strong gusts of wind. Meranti prompted Taiwan officials to evacuate nearly 1800 tourists from offshore islands and close some schools and offices. The storm produced gusts of 362 km/h Tuesday morning, along with waves around 14.5 metres, the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre said.

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