Saturday, 15 October 2016

Animals Attack In The Mara Triangle - Migration Diaries

Posted by Anup Baral | October 15, 2016 : WATCH the most breathtaking wildlife moments captured on camera from a truly unforgettable migration. Over a four-day period from the 20th-24th of September, safariLIVE broadcasted on Barcroft TV from the Mara Triangle, Kenya, and provided us with the likes of a gazelle massacre and a herd of buffalo harassing an old lion. We saw two herds of majestic elephants force a pride of lions to make way from their spot in the shade.
Thousands of wildebeest and zebras tried to cross the water’s edge unscathed, but a crocodile ambush left a few of them with no chance of survival. An impatient pride of lions moved to kill at night as they hunted and viciously took down a baby zebra. A second group of crocodiles stalked their prey and destroyed a number of brave gazelles that tried to cross the river with one snap of their jaws. To finish off the migration action, a female lion was able to pin down the last wildebeest crossing the river and successfully gain her meal by violently throttling it. The live wildlife action certainly delivered brilliantly unexpected moments. You can watch live broadcasts from the safariLIVE team twice a day, every day, from Sabi Sands in South Africa on the Barcroft Animals channel.

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