Friday, 14 October 2016

Chat with Political Analyst Muma Ram Khanal

Posted by Anup Baral | October 14, 2016 :
Also Read: The two major ruling coalition partners have also decided to provide compensation to the family members of martyrs and disappeared people as per the decision taken by the previous governments. They have also decided to register the ownership of lands dealt on the basis of household documents during the conflict time. The parties have decided to make proper arrangements for the treatment, protection and livelihoods of those injured in the conflict period and people’s movement. They have also decided to increase necessary arrangements for the treatment of injured, who have already been categorized.After the UCPN-Maoist decided to continue support to the KP Sharma Oli-led government, UCPN-Maoist and CPN-UML on Thursday night signed a nine-point agreement. In the agreement, the two parties have decided to take initiatives to form a national consensus government with an objective to create conducive environment for the implementation of Constitution and socio-economic transformation. They have decided to discuss and resolve the issues of Madhes-based parties including federalism through political consensus. The parties have decided to initiate the process of amending the laws within 15 days to work on transitional justice as per the spirit of the Comprehensive Peace Accord.

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