Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Former King Gyanendra Speech In World Hindu Conference

Posted by Anup Baral | October 27, 2016 :
Ex-King Gyanendra Shah warned that the “politics of obstruction” that has thrived in the country can lead to a “rebellion” by the “oppressed masses”. Addressing the three-day International Hindu Extensive Conference here, Gyanendra said: “Such kind of politics would only give rise to dissatisfaction.” Gyanendra, said, “Obstructionist politics would fuel discontent and it would instigate feeling of rebellion among the oppressed masses.” “We would be able to safeguard national pride, sustainable peace and the feeling of nationalism, if we could preserve the thousands of years old civilisation, culture and religion,” he said at the event organised by the World Hindu Federation at Pashupati area in Kathmandu. Gyanendra, the last King of the Hindu Kingdom of Nepal who was dethroned in 2008, also said that the current political situation has generated despair among the people.

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