Thursday, 6 October 2016

Gossip with Shilpa Pokhrel

Posted by Anup Baral October 06, 2016 :
Shilpa Pokharel's last film Fagu was a big flop of the year but her recent news has became blockbuster within 24 hours. A popular television program Chitrapat has revealed a news about Shilpa Pokharel got engaged with a NRN and they are getting married soon. After this news got aired on Chitrapat, all the filmy news media has published this news. After this Shilpa got anger and wrote a status for all the medias that not to publish such news by listening to one media only. She clarifies that this news is not truth at all and she is not getting married recently. Before publishing any news she suggests media to call her and ask and confirm before publishing the false news. She shares that due to such false news, her personal life get hampered. Chitrapat program aired that Shilpa got engaged and this news got into viral within 24 hours.Is it true ot not? Is Shilpa hiding the truth or Chitrapat has gave wrong news to audience? We will discuss later.

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