Monday, 3 October 2016

Govt tightening market laws

Posted by Anup Baral October 03, 2016 :
Minister Deepak Bohara said the government was planning to amend market laws with stricter provisions so as to control black market.At an interaction organized by Reporters' Club in the capital city on Monday, Minister Bohara said the traders adulterating food items and posing risk to consumers' health would be punished to up to 20 years in jail. In addition to this, they would be fined heftily, he added. According to Minister Bohara, the price of daily essentials as rice, pulse, sugar, salt, and oil would not rise during the festival because the government has been conducting market monitoring rigorously in different cities including the capital city. "Government has been successful to curb black marketing lately. There is nothing that has been found adulterated or date-expired goods in the market, " he claimed. Moreover, the Minister admitted that there were some technical snags in the laws while it is time to implement. The government has punished 452 traders in the recent months, he shared.

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