Sunday, 30 October 2016

Interview with Rajesh Hamal (Actor)

Posted by Anup Baral Oct 30, 2016 :
Rajesh Hamal today at an event held at Soaltee, he shares with emotion about the demise of his mother. An event that was held to create awareness of depression by means of music, Rajesh Hamal was present in the event where he shared about the demise of his mother due to depression. He said that his mother had a depression after the death of his father and due to that she started taking lots of cigarette. And the combination of cigarette and depression caused her death which he later realized. He shared that depression is what we make it a big issue and take it negatively but we should take care of it timely so that we can get rid of it. A must watch video of Rajesh Hamal:

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